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Healing In The Kitchen
Raw Food Instructional DVD
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Healing In the Kitchen DVD

To receive your written copy of the DVD recipes:
1. Purchase the DVD  2. Watch the coconut recipes  3. Go to our CONTACT US PAGE on this website  4. Fill out the form and answer this question, "What song are we singing about coconuts?" in the comment section. We will then send the recipes to you via email.

Former owners of The Almond Blossom Cafe, a living food eatery in Florida, the Hostetter's know there way around a healthy kitchen!

This 4 VOLUME, 38 RECIPE DVD has yummy, simple, fun and creative (is that enough adjectives for ya?) ways to prepare whole, uncooked plant-based foods. 

Some of the recipes include: sprouting tips, curry avocado appetizer, seed cheez, veggie burgers, raw quiche, raw pizza and lasagna, cashew 'nice' cream, carob mousse pudding, etc.

Give a try to this life-giving REAL food, not the imitation stuff you find in your average supermarkets!
We've included two delicious raw recipes below, RAW BLACK EYE PEA BURGERS & A RAW WEDDING CAKE

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Here's a really yummy way to use sprouted black-eye peas!! Ohhh...soo good!
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How to Make a Raw Wedding Cake
Raw Food Chef Kim Hostetter is commissioned to make a 4 tiered raw wedding cake.

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