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Almond Blossom Wellness is a  non-profit, natural wellness educational ministry whose goal and passion is to educate people on the benefits of whole food nutrition from a primarily raw plant-based diet, the importance of natural supplementation, and detoxification of the body, soul and spirit; to help people overcome disease and have a better quality of life.

Health Ministers David and Kim Hostetter, have been holding workshops, classes and lectures  in the North Florida vicinity since 2007 with much success.

However, their ultimate vision is E.D.EN. In The Mountains.  An environmentally friendly, self- sustainable community in Western North Carolina where people can stay and attend workshops on premise to learn disease prevention, natural wellness, organic gardening, and environmental "green" practices. There will also be a strong focus on art education and therapy programs, spiritual-based teachings and events from a scriptural perspective; all taught within a community setting of people who have the same interests and giftings to work together for the well-being of others.  

We encourage you to take time to view all pages on our site, as each one has wonderful information, pictures, and videos to educate and enlighten your body, soul or spirit!

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